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 If you're looking for an affordable but great quality time pieces, we at Watch Odyssey highly recommend visiting InvictaWatchesReviewed.com .

Invicta Watches was first founded in 1837, and was marketed as an affordable swiss watch. The company experienced a decline in the 1970s due to the "quartz invasion", however in the early 90's the original descendants of the founder Raphael Picard came together to relaunch the brand.

The Invicta watch brand hasn't changed it's ethos since it's inception back in the 1800s, as the company continues to produce high quality Swiss timepieces at affordable prices. 

Today Invicta Watches has many different product lines such as the Invicta Reserve Venom, Pro Diver and Lupah lines, the latter of which has retro appeal that we are sure fans of Watch Odyssey will appreciate.

Spaceman Oval - Green Atlantic Timeroy CS Chrono - Gold
Tian Harlan Colour-Time Novus LED - multi finish
Lanco Auto - Champagne Dial Spaceman Audacieuse
Tissot Seastar Galco Black Diver's

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